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   workbench I'd been intending
Tuesday, July 25 2006 [REDACTED]
While Gretchen and my in-laws were at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, I built the workbench I'd been intending to build for the past three years. As I'd mentioned previously, the plan was to recycle a spare garage door header, and this ended up working well. I had to use four wood splitting wedges to cleave the halves apart, as they were held together by about twenty large nails. I supported these using a decklike infrastructure a long five quarter plank, and joist hangers, and two by fours arranged both horizontally and angled up from where the wall met the floor. I spaced the horizontals carefully so I would have perfect slots for the installation of a pair of industrial-strength desk drawers I'd dumpster dived.
The bench ended up being solid and rustic, as if it has been in its hours-old location for dozens of work-filled years. I couldn't have been happier.
While working on the makeshift slide tracks for the drawers, I used an antique electric hacksaw (Dayton Model 12725A) Gretchen had bought for me somewhere in the Adirondacks. The saw is designed so that it can automatically cut through a clamped object and then shut off when finished. It's old and needs some refurbishing and a new blade, but it worked fine for today's purpose.

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