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   October 2006

01: Wilma, Marie, and VU - Two more cats and an analog display.
02: Arduino online as my solar sufficiency controller - Also a Yom Kippur breaking of the fast.
03: position known - I get a GPS toy.
04: elevation unknown - Playing with my GPS toy.
05: the unifying trait of American food - Sick of Bush Festival in New Paltz.
06: hello asecularism - The Cocktober surprise and what it means about the existence of God.
07: ungentrified Troy - Visiting The Center for Land Use Interpretation.
08: too diminuitive to tactfully fashion - A literary brunch in High Falls and getting nostalgic with old hard rock concert videos.
09: mid-Autumn transition - Birds, insects, and a final mowing of the lawn.
10: no me gusta la iPod - Can't reach that battery or hard drive, but it looks like a beautiful puddle of cum in my hand.
11: saved by a capacitor - Troubles with my Arduino prove surprisingly easy to fix.
12: pound of phlesh - Windows Genuine Advantage in the wild.
13: walking dogs and viewing photos in Woodstock - I pull the crazy card, drink some wine, and get called out on one of my rude habits.
14: La Boheme - Gretchen and I see a Puccini opera in Manhattan.
15: billion dollars worth of art - We see art collected by Ambroise Vollard at the Met.
16: pimping for the insurance industry - I get a letter in the mail hitting me with a hard sell for flood insurance.
17: alien schematic - Scratching my head and looking at a Honeywell aquastat schematic.
18: actually found the human remains - Eleanor smells horrible and I fail Electronics 101.
19: emerging documentation - Working in an environment in its infancy.
20: tree-fall - Tragedy is averted when the wind throws a big White Pine away from the house.
21: you don't have tapeworms - Mediocre theatre and a lack of restaurants in the hinterland.
22: heats you twice - Splitting wood so I won't be cold inside.
23: dazed ants - I split some old rotten firewood.
24: fun with an old LCD panel - I try feeding a VGA signal into a promising-looking LCD interface.
25: trap in the forest - The neighbor dog ends up in a steel leg hold trap in the woods behind our house.
26: bridging musical islands - Listening to Gretchen's MP3 player and fun with mixing up power tool brands.
27: three cannisters of dirt - A autumnal cleaning jihad and Gretchen and I watch the movie Hard Candy.
28: bridging musical islands - Listening to Gretchen's MP3 player and fun with mixing up power tool brands.
29: water nuker setup - I install a plumbing bypass system consisting of three ball valves prior to the installation of a tankless hot water heater.
30: boulders beneath the shoulder - Installing a new mailbox post and firing up the tankless heater.
31: well shave my head - A warm Halloween and I shave off all my hair.