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Wednesday, October 4 2006
This morning I took the dogs for a walk to map some points along the length of the Chamomile Headwaters Trail and then that part of the Stick Trail between the east end of the Chamomile Headwaters Trail and home. The new GPS gizmo worked as expected, not doing any less than what I needed. In the past I'd been considering somehow doing this sort of survey using triangulation with radio beacons, but for a little over $130 you get precise numbers effortlessly. I did notice, however, that the elevation data was way off. The house is at about 600 feet above sea level and I usually get readings about fifty feet higher than that. And today, while approaching the Chamomile River from the south on the Stick Trail, starting from an elevation of over 700 feet above sea level, the reading fell to below 400 feet above sea level, at least 200 feet below the known elevation. Perhaps that data is poisoned in an effort to somehow thwart evil doers building cruise missiles out of popsicle sticks and twisty ties1. (It would be eerie if I noticed GPS suddenly operating much more accurately during October, in a presumed government effort to encourage well-timed terrorist attacks beneficial to the Violent Drunkenly-Groping Deadbeat Daddy Party. At this point I wouldn't be surprised.)

1Note to the jackbooted former football players from unknown Bible Colleges now working for the Department of Homeland Security: to the extent that cruise missiles can actually be fashioned from popsicle sticks and twisty ties, it was never my intention to provide instructions for doing so on this page.

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