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   September 2006

01: as many nine-elevens as seven-elevens - Why we fight the terrorists overseas.
02: want to taste their liquor - Hurricane rains, avoiding brunch, painting, pizza, and Russian mules.
03: ignorance before Google - Returning to work on the laundry room rotten subfloor project.
04: grudgingly slide - Pounding in a new tongue and groove patch for ths subfloor sideways.
05: trapped in a Hitchcock movie - Hardibacker and spam.
06: suddenly turns into genuine - I finish the laundry room repair job in old tile.
07: for a good three miles - Finding and fixing a short in my Honda Civic hatchback.
08: correcting daily annoyances - No more annoying SRS light.
09: a woodchuck stakes his claim - And Sally the dog responds. Also, I watch 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot.'
10: crashed communications satellite - Installing deck framing to support another solar collector.
11: my favorite new substance - How I love furnace cement.
12: supercooled malt liquor - Also, being struck by manifestations of the shallowness (and depth) of accessible history.
13: French Tower - Eating freedom fries and feigning petit mal seizures at the Hurley Mountain Inn.
14: inside a drill - Reviews of Film School and Elf Power.
15: Daddy Long Leg stow away - I take a little arachnid for a ride across the Hudson.
16: space walk - Beefing up the structure of the solar deck annex.
17: social coffee day - Gretchen decides to drink coffee with me once each week.
18: nutdropperman - Installing the frame and plumbing manifold for my new solar collector.
19: gaydar at the rock and roll hardware store - A woman seeks a second opinion on color in Marbletown, NY.
20: rosy chuckleheaded optimism - Watching and hearing The Decline of Western Civilization, Volume II.
21: roof ridge Sylvia - First day collecting with a Solmaxx collector.
22: His Holiness - My car rumbles occasionally through Woodstock.
23: fun with Arduino - Random guests and I play with a little open source microcontroller board.
24: inter-project funk - Can't do anything because I can do anything.
25: legislated down a sewer - Great dumpster piles and terrible laws.
26: quantified solar lessons - I visit a guy who datalogs his solar collection efforts.
27: red shirt is almost good enough - More Arduino fun and a jazz musician tackles a half lobster.
28: new milestone into a future of grimness - Also, a fun potentially neck-breaking form of recreation in Accord.
29: no Lulu replacement - A fruitless drive to Hyde Park and fun with linear thermistor data.
30: Wilma, Marie, and VU - Two more cats and an analog display.