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Monday, September 25 2006
I realized today that I hadn't seen Lulu the cat since Saturday. It's within the range of cat behavior for them to be missing for a couple of days, but this isn't normal for any of our cats, all of whom will come out of the woodwork if you call for them enough. Losing outdoor cats is one of the risks you take letting them roam free, particularly in a place as rich in owls and coyotes as this one. When she arrived a couple years ago Lulu was overweight and sullen, but since then she'd become thin and affectionate, though only to a point, and mostly just with me. As our least-heavy cat, she would have been nothing for a Barred Owl to carry away.

I was in Woodstock today for two housecalls and while I was there I visited my old friend, the enormous pile of trash beside the dumpsters near WDST and the Bear in Bearsville. That pile of trash just keeps getting bigger and bigger and there's always good stuff there. Today, in addition to firewood I found two stereo speakers. They were full of rain water but later when I tested them they proved perfectly good.

I've been in a little bit of a funk lately about the various horrible bills in front of the US Congress, bills to legalize ongoing illegal wiretaps and the torture and indefinite imprisonment of undefined "enemy combatants." I'm just embarrassed for our country. It's had its share of embarrassing incidents in its history, but what is the rush to build an infrastructure of authoritarianism? Nobody trusts the current administration with absolute power, and yet there's a sudden rush to give them that sort of power. It's typical Republican short-term thinking: if we can get past this next election, all our problems are solved, and if we need to pass terrible laws to get there, so be it. The Democrats are almost as bad, refusing to say a damn thing as what was once arguably a proud nation is legislated down a sewer.

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