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   as many nine-elevens as seven-elevens
Friday, September 1 2006
We're fighting the terrorists in Iraq so we won't have to fight them here, in our streets. The terrorists all know that we're in Iraq and they'd much rather go there to fight us, where we have machine guns and (improvisationally) armored Humvees than here, where lots of people don't carry anything deadlier than a ball point pen and get around in light-weight Japanese-made sedans. But if we were to make the mistake of loading up our Humvees, guns, troops, and bibles and bringing them all back here, then the terrorists wouldn't have any choice. They'd have to book flights to the United States and fight us here in the streets of our cities, because that's how much "they hate our freedom." Then we'd quickly have nearly as many nine-elevens as seven-elevens. So goes the logic being articulated by George W. Bush. That this makes no sense whatsoever and that it insults the intelligence of every audience to which it is delivered ought to count for something in our political system, and perhaps it does. But why is it left to bloggers to point out its inherent foolishness? Even if that logic were to resonate with neural circuitry installed by a second-rate schooling, there is plenty of evidence that even as we fight "the terrorists" overseas, some of them are choosing to plot against us anyway, if "us" includes London, which George W. Bush, who still uses the term "coalition" to describe the occupiers of Iraq, would have us believe.

This evening our friends from Brooklyn, Ray and Nancy, along with Nancy's sister Linda, came up to spend the long Labor Day weekend at our house.

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