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Sunday, September 24 2006
With the garage and solar collector projects done, and with weather rapidly making the seasonal adjustments necessary for autumn, it seems like summer is over. It was a long summer full of hard work and long hours, all of which have born fruit but not of the monetary kind. Now, though, I'm in one of my inter-project funks. My two Arduino controllers are full of tantalizing possibilities, but possibilities are a big part of my problem when I'm in an inter-project funk. When I have a small list of things I need to do in a day, there is no funk. I get up, make my coffee, and go. But now, hell, on any given day I could do anything. So what do I actually do? Very little. It's the classic problem of trying to create in a world with no limits. Instead I burn through some of my TiVo shows, keep obsessive tabs on the latest temperatures reached by my solar collector, and research the hell out of Arduino and the AVR processors upon which it is based.

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