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Sunday, September 17 2006
I drink coffee every morning, usually a whole pot by myself. When we have guests they often will drink it too, but mostly I drink alone; Gretchen (who never wants to risk becoming addicted to anything) doesn't usually drink coffee. This isn't ideal. Say what you want to about coffee, for me it's an intensely social drug. I feel more social on coffee than I do when drunk or with nothing in my system. So today Gretchen started a program of drinking coffee with me once each week, on Sunday mornings. I made a pot and, in keeping with the plan, there she was across the kitchen table drinking it with me. I was reading stuff on the web and she was reading Bark Magazine, interrupting me periodically to mention something remarkable she'd just read. It was wonderful in that idealized marriage sort of way. Later, she began making a massive loaf of bread in the kitchen while I, all spread out on the adjacent dining area floor, assembled the plumbing interface for the new SolMaxx solar collector that I will soon be mounting on the roof. Gretchen had queued up a bunch of obscure Cindi Lauper MP3s on the first floor computer, and had offered me $500 if I could correctly guess who it was when it began with one Lauper's recent covers of a jazz standard (I guessed Bonnie Raitt). Later, as she mowed the lawn with our spool (human-powered) mower, I was nearby soldering the plumbing pieces I had just assembled. By now Gretchen was cranking an unfamiliar Electric Light Orchestra song called "Wild West Hero." When I was done soldering, I hooked a hose up to my new solar plumbing unit to test for leaks. There were none.

Sundays now include a viewing of the latest episode of The Wire, which is back after a long hiatus. Gretchen and I both absolutely love the show, but maybe not quite as much as this guy. The show moves at its own pace with no care for whether or not the viewer is getting it. I have a little problem with my attention even when watching this, the most gripping program on television, so I usually find it beneficial to watch every episode twice.

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