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   December 2006

01: dildonics in toothbrush handle design - It becomes a factor when designing a holder for toothbrushes in the bathroom.
02: I want the $150 laptop - I know I'm not in the third world and am far from a child, but these things are perfect.
03: trespassing twice - Encountering a landowner in the woods and finding free firewood along the Esopus.
04: coffee counter-revolution - An account of the good effects of my ongoing caffeine fast.
05: pleasant sensation that feels a little obscene - Another real estate date with the neighbors.
06: pajamas and empathy - What my pajamas told Gretchen about my caffeine-free serotonin levels.
07: behavior at 80 degrees - Cats enjoy the stove while I enjoy a forty of malt liquor.
08: four postage stamps - And fretting about cold north winds.
09: Sawkill driftwood - Another source of free firewood.
10: nationally ambiguous - Watching Wonder Falls.
11: unmanipulated - The end of another season of The Wire and I'm thinking about ærobic composting toilets.
12: back in the Reich - A conversation with an old German guy in front of the chain saws at Home Depot.
13: shelf with a gothic door - I build a tea shelf for my laboratory.
14: romantic love is instinctual love - A suddenly realizing something while listening to Jon Katz talking about dogs.
15: nuthatch season - Dead oregano and wilted peas.
16: holesaw for my hood - My Honda Civic's hood cannot be opened.
17: white trash crafts - Again I make the mistake of going into a Michæls.
18: to a yurt - Beginning a winter vacation in the Adirondacks.
19: Sherman Pond - We walk up to a large Adirondack beaver pond.
20: bushwacking to granite cliffs - I go off-trail for a last yurt-based hike.
21: schlocky paint-by-numbers - A bad review of the Devil Wears Prada.
22: constancy of deposited richness - Deflationary pressure on the years through which I pass.
23: what it's like to be Roman Catholic - An unexpected red wine hangover leaves me more interested in science.
24: feline characters in the foreground snapped - Finishing a painting.
25: problem with the Rhinebeck simulacrum - Jewish Christmas, 2006.
26: Beethoven, Bach, and Horner - Fine classical music for your collection.
27: the Ford nickel - It's a coin we'll never see.
28: tempeh-themed - Boring car business.
29: two halves of the four - Another cracked manifold.
30: accidental deaths - Saddam Hussein and Phil Ginini, rest in peace.
31: end of 2006 - Sitting around the fire at home, drinking champagne with friends.