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Sunday, December 10 2006
The weather had improved so much that by this morning all I needed was a sweater and the orange raincoat (which we only use for rain or in hunting season) when I took the dogs for their morning walk. The sun was out, temperatures were in the 40s, and (best of all) there was no wind. It's possible to comfortably sunbathe in such conditions; I've seen our cat Marie contentedly doing it.

Gretchen has been watching a series called Wonder Falls, a comic/romantic serial drama that evidently ran on television in some English-speaking advertising market. At first we couldn't believe that that market was in the United States. The show is far too clever and unconventional to be appreciated by Americans, particularly the kind susceptible to the pitches of American television advertising. Gretchen had a great theory that the show was actually Canadian, and that it had been set in Niagara Falls so as to be nationally ambiguous. But a few episodes later it became clear that the show was set on the New York side of the falls (though, based partly on the way the falls are actually falling, it had probably been filmed on the Canadian side). It turned out that the show had actually run on Fox, though it had been canceled after only four episodes.
Wonder Falls is based on the adventures of Jaye Tyler, a 24 year old young woman with a philosophy degree who is forced to live in a trailer and work as a cashier at a tacky gift shop. Most of her adventures begin with cryptic advice coming from toy animals and sculptures, with which Jaye can carry on conversations.

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