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Friday, December 8 2006
Temperatures were down around 17 degrees this morning when I checked the laboratory's outdoor thermometer, which had fallen to 13.8 at some point in the night. That's a pretty typical temperature in this climate for, say, late January. And it wouldn't have even been so bad this time of year had it not come with an expansion kit of evil arctic winds blowing down from the north. These days I always take special note of evil arctic winds blowing down from the north. Since a large pine fell in strong winds earlier this fall, I've been nervous about an even bigger pine just to the northeast of the house. Like the one that fell, it has a rotten patch at its base from an altercation 12 years ago with a bulldozer driven by someone with a occupation that requires disdain for trees. It's not anywhere near as bad as the one that fell, but having predicted the fall of that other one, this one has me a little nervous. Though they're rare, a gale-force wind from the northeast could send that tree crashing in a mighty karate chop right though the solar deck.
Gretchen took the dogs for a relatively brief morning walk. When she came in from the cold, she was entirely bundled up in her hooded jacket, exposing an area of her face only about the size of four postage stamps.

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