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   holesaw for my hood
Saturday, December 16 2006
I tried to open the hood of the Honda Civic four door today but the latch was stuck. Spraying WD-40 in there didn't help. What am I supposed to do now, use a hole saw to make a place for me to add oil through? There's no telling what's going on in there and I'd really like to find out; the yellow check engine light came on a couple weeks ago and I want to see if the exhaust manifold has cracked like it did on the other Honda.
I had the hood of the other Honda open so I could look at exactly how the mechanism works in hopes there was some sort of vulnerability to which I could guide the tip of a screwdriver. But it looks as if the engine compartment is designed to be completely impregnable from the outside, perhaps so a slacker car mechanic can't pillage your engine parts while you're in the mall test driving a Wii, something that's easy when you drive, say, a classic Volkswagen Beetle.

I spent much of the afternoon and worked into the night refactoring the code form my DHTML-based MySQL table editor, making it as generic as possible so I could easily add additional parameters to a table's field descriptions and have them ride along with all the dynamic DHTML craziness I've unleashed. These parameters are all kept in one of my housekeeping tables, which, for permissions reasons, must be stored in the same database as the tables they describe.

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