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Wednesday, March 21 2007
After teaching a class, Gretchen caught a bus down to the City where she would be attending a conference, sipping wine at a book release party, and also to visiting various friends (such as Ray and Nancy). This left me along with my various projects, although I continued to find it difficult to tap my old fountains of inspiration. Part of my problem seemed to be gastrointestinal. When I'm a little dissatisfied and don't know why, for me the solution is usually to eat something. But my stomach is proving to have very little capacity since my recent illness. When one doesn't eat much, ones stomach gradually shrivels down to the size of a brazil nut. So today when I'd eat something, I quickly find myself feeling two contradictory things: uncomfortably full and strangely unsatisfied. This was particularly true when I'd eat my old staple corn chips. So I tried various concentrations of fruit juice and alcohol instead, but nothing seemed to be working. Later, after I went to bed, I started experiencing terrible gastrointestinal distress. I would have stuck my non-sprained thumb down my throat and induced vomiting as a solution, but this was coming from below my stomach, beyond the reach of that solution. So I tried various medicines from the green medicine box in the bathroom, but nothing was working. Finally, in desperation, I hooked up an electric hot pad and applied it to my stomach. Amazingly, it ended my discomfort almost immediately and I soon fell fast asleep. The next moment I remember, hours later, I was covered in sweat, that hot pad still cranking out BTUs against my abdomen.

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