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   February 2007

01: dry wood and how to get it quickly - Stacking it beside the stove. Also, a new PHP function.
02: as much meat as could be had - Taking our pork-loving friend to a vegan restaurant.
03: walls to hold back the freedom - Graduation at a maxiumum security prison and a Bard party in Staatsburg, NY.
04: sheer force of winter-weather laziness - Tearing apart my iBook instead of watching the stuper bowl.
05: substitute power jack for an iBook - Replacing the crappy proprietary kind with the rugged time-honored RCA kind.
06: the Shiite Golden Mosque and the Dome of the Rock - Had only the Bush Administration followed the Isræli example with protecting holy sites.
07: smallish dead White Pine firewood - How to ensure the fire-starting attempt will succeed.
08: surest sign that the fire has died - More about heating a big McMansion with scavenged firewood.
09: most broken English - A marvelous pamphlet comes with my new portable black and white teevee.
10: even with a dip-dish holesaw - A new airduct to heat the guest room from the wood stove in the floor above.
11: propaganda-revealing context - Propaganda is a shaming thing when given the context that spoils its value to mislead.
12: trouser crisis - A good weather site, a bad weather site. Also, in search of epoxy pigment.
13: burns like a motherfucker - Pre-storm firewood gathering.
14: evening of Google searches - Little ice balls close down the world and I research another troublesome Linux issue.
15: massive cloud of solar-generated steam - Digging out the snowed-in driveway on a sunny day.
16: purplish poorly-masticated mix - Birthday 39.
17: houseward a hundred feet - Gathering wood and having a hangover.
18: simply stating a theory - If you want to present your theory in book form, don't junk it up with lesser theories.
19: mixture of nervous and curious - Wondering about the inside of the woodstove's pipes.
20: two stacked guillotines - A diagram of my woodstove air heat-carrying duct.
21: experience with Brand Bush - The cursor of superpowerdom seems to be passing off the west coast of North America, headed for China.
22: rectangular hole to Troglodytia - Installing a large fan to power my woodstove basement heating system.
23: algorithm development by mutation - The perils of attempting to solve a problem without really understanding it.
24: conferring godlike status - If your music is really good, you should probably let it wrap you in divine mystery.
25: 80286 in an Athlon world - Incompatibilities in Gillette razor handles.
26: 20107 - Salvaging some nine year old Javascript.
27: crows and julienne carrots - A fruitless trip to a Bearsville dumpster and cross-browser hell.
28: memory leak ad campaign - Is Intel buying space for buggy Flash banner ads?