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   memory leak ad campaign
Wednesday, February 28 2007
This evening I noticed a web ad doing something suspicious. The ad was an animated banner written in Flash and it was promoting the latest dual core Intel processor. It cranked along in its own monotonous way for awhile, things went from slow to halting, and then Firefox crashed. Now this could have been a complete coincidence, but I wonder if the crash was intentional. It's not hard to write a Flash animation with a memory leak, and Flash memory leaks crash browsers. Crashed browsers lead people to wonder - is my computer on the fritz? A guy staring at his dead computer doesn't consciously know it, but the last image lingering in his subconscious, in the ganglia of that inner-reptile that constantly bitches about the need to drive a Hummer and get laid, might be a web banner for a snazzy new dual core Intel processor. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to discover that some savvy marketing genius at Intel is responsible. (If you want to see the ad, it frequently appears as a skyscraper on the right side of>
This wouldn't be the first time that advertisers used deliberately-shoddy production standards to more-effectively market a product. A classic example of this was a television advertisement for a hearing aid in which the sound was deliberately attenuated and distorted.

Outdoor temperatures were in the upper thirties and lower forties today, but due to passive solar collection in the living room, its temperature hovered around 65 degrees without any assistance from the woodstove. I didn't start a fire until 4pm.

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