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Sunday, February 4 2007
Gretchen whipped up a miracle brunch this morning of pierogies and fake sausage for our guests. For their part, they'd brought bagels, which I'd been wolfing down without consideration of my future bagel needs. Now and then I'd take breaks from the socializing to go work on a generic questionnaire building tool I've been creating as an add-on for my generic content management system. It wasn't as if I had much to add to the conversation, which was still mostly taking place in that impenetrable pedagogical jargon from yesterday.

I had meeting at noon with a co-conspirator and then Penny and David came over and we all cracked open a bottle of wine. Penny wanted to learn how to solder, so while Gretchen took Doug and Sharon to the bus station and David read a several-day-old copy of the New York Times, Penny and I went up to the laboratory and made a little smoking pipe out of quarter inch copper. I even made a screen out of copper, drilling several holes through a copper disk until the bit broke and cut hole into my left forefinger.
The idea was that I'd smoke some pot and watch the Superbowl at the Hurley Mountain Inn with Penny and David. (I cannot enjoy football unless I've been smoking pot. This is, I suspect, a good thing.) But the plan fell apart through the sheer force of winter-weather laziness. I ended up taking a bath and tearing apart my G3 iBook with a view to replacing its flaky (and very non-standard) power jack with something more robust and completely standard, perhaps an RCA jack. I'm sure Apple has its reasons for picking unusual connectors that break after about 100 insertions, and, given the fact that I've never bought a new laptop in my life, those reasons probably aren't in harmony with my particular needs. Where possible, then, I make edits to their products such that they are more to my liking. I've never been particularly concerned about the design integrity of their products, since that way of thinking is a trap.

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