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   October 2007

01: antly virtues - Splitting wood and inadvertently destroying the homes of ants.
02: complete culture of misery - A woman shows her bare arms to inmates at a New York State prison.
03: lawless slave country - Quart crystals, cheap Chinese electronics, and muscle relaxers.
04: write your own regulations - From RIAA to Blackwater, the abuses of self-regulation are clear.
05: a squirrel tests Marie - A squirrel population explosion leads to unusually bold squirrels.
06: surprisingly large volumes of mental space - Promoting Gretchen's new chapbook, withstanding rain in Woodstock.
07: leisurely festivity of a Sunday afternoon - A hike in the woods and watching football.
08: nonsense in alien hieroglyphs - Gretchen gets lost in the woods again.
09: someone years ago in high school and now someone's in prison - Sometimes a guy just has to talk.
10: American Chestnuts - I find a nut-bearing American Chestnut in the nearby forest.
11: automatically quantifying the pace of change - I build an automatic version calculator.
12: flat plate collector - I pick up another solar panel in Bainbridge.
13: brief liftimes of most products - Why should I care whether you're still selling your product when I go to use it?
14: funny fittings, escaping fittings, and new cameras - I encounter metric plumbing and take note of new theft deterrent cameras at the Kingston Lowes.
15: DIY lathe - Making metric plumbing adapters with a drill press.
16: vehicular vaporware - I critique a stupid BMW ad in the New Yorker.
17: used to have a tree - Buiding discreetly with pre-finished components.
18: insufferable braggart - Imagining the delight of Osama bin Laden at the systematic dismantling of American rule of law.
19: needs of all the retards - Watching MythBusters and Anderson Cooper.
20: bears come down from a tree - I stick around while they come down out of a tree.
21: problem brand - Local Republicans tout their column in the polling booth, not their party.
22: computers into shivs - I attend a meeting in Albany concerning computer labs in a college-level educational prison program.
23: slot grabbing headaches - Trying to secure a solar panel using nothing but the shallow slots provided in its frame.
24: OS usability matrix - What Linux will work on which old hardware?
25: a focus on means - Deciding to build an elaborate and temporary lift system for the new solar panel.
26: temporary pulley lift - I build a mechanism to hoist an eighty pound hot water solar panel up to my roof.
27: lift - Also, I see Queen Latifah at the splendid UPAC performance space.
28: hot ridge roof air - I poke a hole in the roof ridge and discover a great source of solar heated air.
29: road to Woodbourne - The inside of Woodbourne Correctional Institution in Upstate New York.
30: what the heavens have provided - Throwing stuff down from the solar deck.
31: asymmetrical nature of traceability - When public radio gives out tips for avoiding arrest.