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Wednesday, April 28 2010
This afternoon Gretchen and I met Deborah at her storage unit on Sawkill Road (not far from the traffic circle) so she could give and lend things to us and thereby close out the rental agreement, which is costing her $160/month. In the process she gave me a beautiful five-shelf wire-and-tube metal sheving unit. She also loaned Gretchen some sort of antique-style metal display case, a wooden box from India, and a massage table. As I was breaking down the shelves, Sally and Eleanor explored the grounds of the Extra Space Storage rental "campus," which was fenced-in, though Sally gave me a bit of a scare when she I caught her in the swampy, littered ,and reforesting back of the campus walking along the fence looking for a hole so she could escape out onto the grounds of the New York State Thruway.
One edge of the "campus" was dedicated to the storage of recreational vehicles, many of which had been in accidents or showed obvious signs of dilapidation. They all reminded me of the mobile meth lab from Breaking Bad.
It was interesting to note that the rental units, though made of unelaborated concrete blocks and metal roofing, did have large bundles of insulation overhead, perhaps to keep the units from getting too hot in the summer.

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