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   April 2010

01: world as it should be - Through my mildly-corrective glasses, that is.
02: source of tomato seeds - A vine tomato purchased for BLTs.
03: 20 megapixel webcams - And bridges in Brooklyn one can buy.
04: human APPLAUSE sign - Why I might not want to spend three hours watching roots rock in Woodstock.
05: kludge on kludge - A wonderfully useless mess.
06: MDF troubles - I cut out a metastasizing piece of moist and swollen MDF in the brownhouse.
07: consistently vegan - Falafel on the drive home instead of pizza.
08: brownhouse Bondo - Replacing troubled materials on the surface of the shitting bench.
09: the Wire in space - Things that make Battlestar Galactica unique.
10: old dog in cool Spring weather - Sally at fifteen.
11: mismatched bandwidth pipes - A problem with radio plumbing.
12: cement toilet seat lid - Another use for one of my favorite materials.
13: line of sight neighbor - But it's only Ray getting a house, so he's not really a neighbor yet.
14: cement toilet seat - I find what seems to be a good way to build a self-sealing toilet seat.
15: black-eyed peas versus chickpeas - Also, a new place to grow tomatoes.
16: buried topsoil - In building a new tomato patch, I encounter a buried layer of topsoil.
17: Jägermeistery - A party that includes ugly faces, a papier mâche cow, vegan burritos, and fake absinthe.
18: if I were a plant - Dog shit and the black stuff from inside hollow trees.
19: wellhead dungeon - Inspection of Ray and Nancy's new place.
20: 420 sausage party in Lake Hill - A hard-to-find house in Lake Hill where PBR meets a hot tub on national 420 day.
21: floating dock dinner - On the Esopus in Saugerties.
22: complicated bulk emailer - Communicating between four servers using a ghetto cron job system.
23: typical spring and obscure music - April is as it usually is, despite heightened expectations. And I can't buy the music I love on my favorite streaming station.
24: new antenna rotator webcam - Cheap, crappy, and Chinese, but it works.
25: the situation you aren't in now - Working too much or perhaps too little.
26: wake me I'm dreaming - An emailer application shows strange failings and I discover why: complete arbitrariness.
27: shocking and refreshing - The limits of honesty about ignorance.
28: unelaborated concrete blocks and metal roofing - At a storage unit campus outside Kingston.
29: wind, shingles, and fire - The title of the name is nearly as long as the article about it.
30: squirrel rescue - I turn three baby squirrels over to a wildlife rehabilitator.