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Saturday, July 23 2011

Last night and throughout the day today, Gretchen and I applied layer after layer of white paint to our new door, hoping to make it, you know, white. But it had started out kind of brownish, and it took a lot of paint to completely conceal its original color.
At some point in the afternoon, we took the dogs to the Secret Spot on the Esopus, which was mercifully free of rednecks (a little surprising given that it was a Saturday). The weather was a little cooler than yesterday, but it was still hot enough to require periodic cooling routines.

This evening I tore out the main guest room's old door and door jam, exposing the raw opening. At one time that raw opening had probably been plumb and square, but these days it is a parallelogram, its top having moved about a three eighths of an inch relative to its bottom. This movement was probably caused by the partial failure of the western foundation wall which, due to poor drainage of the clay-rich soil beyond it, had cracked and begun to leak some time before we bought the house in 2002. I fixed the foundation wall and over-engineered a fix for the drainage problems back in 2004, and the movement seems to have stopped, but there's no unskewing the carpentry wall. So when I install the new door jam and door, it will have to be plumb and square within the non-plumb, non-square rough opening.

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