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   June 2011

01: two sisters - Sunflowers and beans.
02: models and machines - Intelligence without abstract models isn't very intelligent.
03: wood gathering in Poison Ivy - An unexpected crop of May.
04: my Nazi brethren - How best to apply self-effacingly racist terms.
05: woodshed water tower - Water at reasonably-high pressure for use in my garden and other places around the yard.
06: somatic déjà vu - Celexa radically desexualizes all my social interactions.
07: turn into chores - End of my second experiment with Celexa.
08: hot June lupper - Featuring IPAs in High Falls.
09: forced to Bittorrent - The television network's archives of past episodes is useless for satisfying a junk television itch.
10: Pam gets her justice - The tattered flag in Woodstock has been replaced.
11: all-weather alternative to papier mâché - Fixing the rotten Durock at the bottom of my greenhouse door.
12: old code and pseudoephedrine - Looking at six week old Arduino code and trying to advance an infrared project.
13: cairn entropy - The entropy of a fallen cairn is much less than the entropy of scattered rocks in a forest.
14: polyethylene pots in the sun - If they don't get too much, they seem to last. And they're a good place to grow basil.
15: parts for a long-distance WiFi kit - Plexiglass and sheet metal.
16: Yum Yum in Woodstock - Woodstock gets a little Portlandified, in a good way.
17: ball valve luxury - They're good to have but not essential for drum-collected water.
18: health care victim in Mt. Marion - Yardsaling to a working class suburban neighborhood.
19: bad mortar and worse WiFi security - The glories of Portland cement and aircrack-ng.
20: feeding the inner bitch - A diet of burritos, the Bachelorette, and white wine.
21: succession - Waves of plants through the years and the need to take on some more paying work.
22: parabolic dishes in the rain - A crazy desire to continue playing with aircrack-ng.
23: solar menu implemented - Now I can change solar collection parameters without a computer in the basement.
24: strawberries and marriage equality - Those working to stop gay marriage should focus more on less lost causes.
25: New Paltz the day after - By that I mean the day after New York approves same sex marriage.
26: constipated soil on glacial grooves - Digging a trench for a new stone wall.
27: Four fingered, four-thumbed hand - Watching a long-legged spider in the bathtub.
28: long sticks of bluestone - They all come from one particular slope near the house.
29: rotten wood is easier to find than soil - Unless you look in a rotten stump.
30: beer, air, coffee, and dirt - Things gotten from Old Hurley. Also, several random adulterants added to new soil.