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Sunday, June 12 2011

Gretchen left to spend the next couple days in the City, this time leaving me alone with an impressive collection of quality beers, plenty of pseudoephedrine, and more than enough back episodes of Dual Survivor (what I'm using to make it across something of a broadcast desert).
I took Gretchen to the bus station, and while I was out, I went to get some essential carbohydrates with which to feed myself during her absence: corn chips, bread, and bagels. I also got a variety of can beans to re-up our depleted stockpiles. While I was out, I also got a couple pressure treated two by fours so I can build a second four foot water tower for my other 55 gallon drum. I also bought some 3/4 inch plastic ball valves to provide a faster way to get water out of my barrels.

With pseudoephedrine as a study aid, I waded back into the Arduino infrared project I'd started back in early May (and had had to shelf for the trip to Italy). It's hard to get back into a hairy programming project, even one that you've only been away from for a month and half. Part of my problem with this code was that I'd failed to properly name my variables. I'd given them good names, but their function had gradually changed with the project and I'd never gone back and given them better names. My biggest problem getting up to speed with this code was figuring out the distinction between two different arrays: one holding default values, in chars, for a hierarchical menuing system as sent via I2C from a master Arduino, and the other holding those values as integers to be converted to characters and displayed on an LCD. It's a nuanced distinction, but getting my brain around what exactly I'd been trying to do took some serious examination of the code.

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