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Monday, June 20 2011

After a few more false starts, I finally managed to crack the WEP-encoded router I'd been trying to crack yesterday. I'd actually cracked it earlier and hadn't known; the password it had found hadn't seemed to work yesterday, but today I saw that it had found exactly the same one. Now that I know how it's done, I can see that it might be worth doing even during a two hour airport layover. I'm definitely going to give it a try in other places such as coffee shops (where the goal will be to get on a network other than the one provided for customers). I have a purist hacker mentality about things that impede me; I'm interested in the challenge of overcoming them but have little interest in doing anything genuinely naughty once there is nothing standing in my way. In college, I used to whittle out my own keys to gain access to locked rooms. Later, I learned how to bypass copy protection on software that I mostly never even used.

This evening I went over to Ray and Nancy's house to watch The Bachelorette again with Nancy. She'd done the prep work for burritos, something she'd been craving for the past few days (and which I never do not crave). Normally I drink beers when I'm over there watching junkfood television, but tonight I joined Nancy in the drinking of white wine because, as I explained, it was more appropriate for my "inner bitch." People don't watch The Bachelorette for any other reason than to satisfy that nasty girl inside. On today's episode, there was just enough duplicity and backstabbing to keep things interesting, but the real shit isn't going down until next week. I kind of can't wait.

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