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Tuesday, July 26 2011

I spent most of the day today either installing ceiling fans or driving to Lowes to get additional parts for the installations. There were three fans to install, two of which had to hang from cathedral ceilings sloped at 45 degrees. The fans in question were the three most modern-looking manufactured by Harbor Breeze, though none came with hardware suitable for sloped installation. That was why I had to drive to Lowes.
Though I didn't especially relish the installations, I had to admit the new fans were an improvements over the old ones installed by the people who had built our house and sold it to us in financial desperation. They hadn't had much in the way of "taste" as the word is normally understood, and what æsthetic sense they did have did not preclude purchases of items that could be placed within the faux country ("kuntry kottage") rubric. The old fans could have been worse (those in my mother's doublewide trailer have gold highlights, wicker inlays, and sculptural flowers), but their modestly cutesy flourishes eventually came to grate on Gretchen. The new fans, by contrast, have simple lines, make lavish use of stainless steel, and look like something one of the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guys might have picked out.
I managed to hang two fans today, starting in the upstairs master bedroom and ending in the larger of our basement guest rooms (the only basement room with a ceiling fan). For that second job, I found myself listening to a great Bob Mould interview on the latest Sound Opinions podcast.

A lot of vicious thunderstorms passed nearby and there were even tornado warnings for Western Massachusetts, though only a trace of rain fell at our house today.

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