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Monday, September 19 2011

When the phone rings before nine at our house, caller ID can only be saying one thing: Mueller, Robert. That's not just the name of the FBI Director, it's also the name of my father, and though the call is always about my father, it's never from him. It's from my mother, always to report some bad new development. The news this morning was that my father had suffered a heart attack in the nursing home and then been sent to the hospital. There he'd received blood thinners that dissolved an obstruction. It was just another tick-tock of the clock of death, now coming faster and louder with every reminder. My father had always had a healthy heart and had eaten mostly healthy foods, particularly for the second half of his life. But now that he spends his days largely motionless in bed, clots have begun to form and circulate dangerously through his system like icebergs to his Titanic. Well, that had been the case, but now blood thinners have been added to his burgeoning cocktail of life extension chemistry.

Today I took delivery of a used Intel Core 2 Duo processor in hopes of revitalizing a spare Socket 775 motherboard as a homemade Macintosh ("Hackintosh"). My MacMini has been great for iPhone development, but its 32 bit processor cannot run OSX Lion and I could benefit from real expansion options. Happily, this processor seemed to work well with my P5QL Pro motherboard, but it didn't take long to realize that putting together a Hackintosh was not going to be easy. I was having trouble getting a Macintosh install DVD to successfully boot my machine, even after starting it with iBoot. It's not a good sign when you're supposedly-booting "Macintosh" has been displaying a white Apple logo and the spinning circular progress indicator for two hours. (In the world of computers, it's a delicate balance between something taking two minutes and it taking infinity minutes.)

I've been rewatching the first season of Breaking Bad, which I've downloaded onto my computer using noncommercial technology. I'd missed the first twenty minutes of the first episode, so it was good to finally see that. But it's such a rich program, there were plenty of little things I'd missed the first time through, like the constant recurrence of Walt's superheroic anger management issues.

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