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   May 2012

01: bumblebee/Flying Squirrel - Also: a new subfloor for the greenhouse attic.
02: work, pseudo, and booze - It doesn't lead to a romantic evening.
03: getting and sending cookies - How I made a web spider act like a real web browser.
04: hummingbird arrival, 2012 - Also: alcohol, Ambesol, pseudoephedrine, and dirt.
05: time-disregarding banter - Shivering under the light of the supermoon.
06: old hair and new leaves - Another haircut down at the greenhouse and another Dug Hill Road bicycle race.
07: what was procrastinated I procrastinate other things to do - Such is the nature of my motivational flux.
08: rain, backaches, and majority rules! - A rainy day ends with good news for the homophobes, at least for now.
09: lesser of whatever evils - Obama claims to now believe in gay marriage.
10: downside to these restrictions - Why being a sociopathic investor is perhaps the best strategy.
11: garden started, 2012 - So far it's mostly just Brassicas.
12: when to transplant to the garden - Certainly not early on a sunny day.
13: puppy-confinement puzzle - Making it so Ramona can't move as much in hopes that her knee will heal.
14: five IPAs in Manhattan - How I spent my evening after a three and a half hour meeting.
15: Vegucating Rosendale - Also: how a transvestite bartender can hedge a bar's doucheyness.
16: Penny gets quilled - And Gretchen gets fired.
17: Mourning Doves and rabbits - Getting a turberculosis test in Kingston and then gravel at Fording Place.
18: spark plugs and asphalt - The things I use as fill with an eye to future archæologists.
19: roof jacking commences - I raise the greenhouse roof forty inches using an automotive bottle jack.
20: local pan-Asian fail - A restaurant in Stone Ridge disappoints and I continue with my greenhouse roof raising.
21: good Italian take-away - I find a good source of non-Indian take-away in Kingston. And I buy some hardware.
22: south end up - Another day of roof jacking.
23: Stonehengian signal - We give our friend Paul a tour of the nearby quarry.
24: final inch and a half - The last bit of greenhouse roof raising. Also: Gretchen's parents visit for the weekend.
25: multicourse birthday feast - Gretchen gives her mother a gourmet vegan feast for her birthday.
26: watching the Dictator - Satire and a movie with the in-laws.
27: television programming desert - So I begin watching Game of Thrones.
28: Game of Thrones marathon - I can't tear myself away. And why is that wall so damn important?
29: windows from Shandaken - I make a score for my greenhouse on
30: who-will-think-of-the-children-? sensibilities - Still procrastinating with Game of Thrones.
31: the rough road to 64 bits - I decide to upgrade my OS for the first time since 2005.