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   June 2012

01: the rough road to 64 bits - I decide to upgrade my OS for the first time since 2005.
02: solidified griffin tears - More Windows migration woes and another monthly opening down on the Rondout.
03: de-defaulting Windows 7 - Correcting the line spacing in Explorer was crucial.
04: all the fail it's thrown my way - Another near disaster with my new Windows 7 installation.
05: cupcake-chested visitor - Ramona is in the road again, chasing a baby rabbit.
06: Ramona applies the tourniquet - A troubling new wrestling technique between our dogs.
07: maximizing rotting Catskill motels - Jessika and Aaron come to visit.
08: Woof Woof Tammy - Joined again by a friendly dog, this time while taking Jessika and Aaron around the Canary Hill loop.
09: Edgar runs away - He decides it is the worst vacation ever.
10: Deer Fly Season - The flies make the mystery pond south of the Canary Falls substantially less attractive.
11: dogs the size of cats - When they leave, Stripey can finally relax.
12: Ramona gets expensive - Also, the ordeal of migrating a Windows 7 partition.
13: a beer for drinking while driving - A Tecate can looks a lot like a Coca Cola can.
14: walling in the east - Also a mention of a media mention of the Big Fun Glossary.
15: Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 - Dissonant melodies among the greyhaired.
16: yard saling and Sunfrost - Dog toys, a Dewalt drill, and a flat bread press. Also: a shortcake social.
17: believe and evangelize - Arguing with a conspiracy theorist about why music should be free.
18: Orwellian oligarchy - Gretchen gets fired a second time by the same assholes.
19: thankless job of uploading - Who supplies us with our free media?
20: hot day at Fording Place - Out on a beer/dirt run. Also, progress on a homemade door.
21: Ramona swims at the Secret Spot - We take Ramona to the Secret Spot for the first time. It is also probably one of Sally's last visits there.
22: greenhouse upstairs door installed - Also some hailstones and a power outage.
23: understanding casement windows - I didn't really know anything about them until I needed to put one together from scratch.
24: onomatopoeic with a sweaty handshake - The name Wayne, intro to chemistry, and another scam preying on the technically illiterate.
25: Chinese food escape - While Gretchen hosts a poetry workshop, I ride with Ray and Nancy to Bearsville for Chinese food.
26: book celebration - Books fucking like schoolgirls at New World Home Cooking.
27: uncomfortable in my head - Loud bass sounds set off ringing in my ears, but I manage to get work done anyway.
28: complete and utter nourishment - Another work-related trip into Manhattan.
29: Connecticut window drive - It's a long distance for windows, but they were cheap and the perfect size.
30: Sally can no longer swim - Another milestone at the Secret Spot on the Esopus.