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   April 2012

01: memes are hard - I try to spread a visual funny about conservative teens on Facebook.
02: I love my job - Also: watching Miranda July's latest, the Future.
03: greenhouse gets some use - Also: listening to the Wombats.
04: not duct tape alone - Using JB Weld to fix a cracked Honda Civic bumper.
05: LCD ghosts - I use my computer so much that ghosts appear on screen.
06: quantum physics and the Edict of Milan - Logically, the former is the greatest gift to Christianity since the latter.
07: entirely too much Jersey Shore - Chilly but pleasant down on the Rondout in Kingston.
08: eradicating the stank - Black-eyed pea discharge ends up in my hot water pot, which I have to disassemble to clean.
09: Sally's 17th - Treats and canine shoplifting at the Barnyard.
10: ultimately-useless mathematics - Trying to understand an evangelical speaker on Christian radio.
11: lower Chamomile, post Irene - A trail jammed with fallen trees as well as a guard rail.
12: Candle 79 and Ancient Egypt - A forray into the city to hang out with a vegan celebrity.
13: titanium and nettles - A cheap Chinese paper cutter has no problem with Titanium foil, and I add yard weeds to a sick soup for Gretchen.
14: east side of the bayou - Ramona is still not too interested in bodies of water.
15: Sunday rituals - It's a big day for coffee and teevee.
16: vacuum trucks of Hurley - Also, eating tempeh stew in freakish temperatures of nearly 90.
17: snakes and canine curiosity - My first non-freaky snake of the season, and perhaps Ramona's first snake ever.
18: Home Depot versus Lowes - Neither has small garden pots, but Lowes has a better selection of metric bolts.
19: soviet weather - When authoritarian bureaucratic nonsense clashes with my æsthetics regarding human interaction with data.
20: expired marijuana - An unsuccessful attempt to celebrate four-twenty.
21: newsflash to non-vegan preparers of vegan food - We actually appreciate qualities such as flavor and texture.
22: weight of a roof - The dead weight of a simple shed roof proves surprisingly large.
23: cap swapping II - Also, watching the Sitter.
24: computers and motors - Combining two of my favorite things.
25: practical application of Jevons Paradox - It might be good for avoiding green guilt, much not much else.
26: worst Chinese food in Kingston - Somehow Kai's Kitchen manages to get this distinction.
27: aborted slice of heaven - We discover an artificial pond after ranging into our forest's terra incognita.
28: the kind of french fries they serve at fancy restaurants - You know the kind I mean. These misbegotten pretenders each have a strip of potato skin on them and they tend to be a little floppy, devoid of that thin outer layer of fryer-induced crispiness that every fry has a God-given right to have.
29: before bumblebee season - Also, one of the secrets to Ray's success in the kitchen.
30: otherwise be tempted to fall flat - One prolonged procrastination from billable hours.