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Tuesday, December 4 2012
This morning I made coffee and Gretchen made vegan sausage with pancakes and we had a surprisingly gossipy breakfast. Somehow, what with the dog walking, the sitting in front of the fire, and the tour of the greenhouse, our houseguests didn't get off to their second mid-Hudson destination until about 3:00pm.
Meanwhile Gretchen and I had decided to keep Dutchess for another night. Aside from her weirdly-manic approach to cats and her occasional attempts at pillow destruction, she was being a real sweetheart. She was especially into Gretchen, following her around up and down the stairs and putting her head on Gretchen's lap when the teevee was being watched.
Unfortunately I somehow squandered this unseasonably-warm day by doing almost nothing outside. Then again, it's hard to start on an outdoor project near the Winter Solstice when your houseguests stay until three.
While Gretchen was out this evening doing whatever the fuck her overscheduled, under-reimbursed schedule called for, I had her pick me up a bottle of Drano so I can unstop whatever has plugged up my laboratory urinal system (perhaps my most useful invention ever). (The product she ended up buying was Liquid Plumbr.)

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