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Saturday, December 22 2012
I spent a surprisingly long time this afternoon putting the baseboard and other bits of trim in the first floor office, more or less finishing the revamping of that room. The hot water radiator pipes running along the wall had to be covered in places with custom soffits (or, if you prefer, benches), and I wanted to make the new versions of these structures more easy to remove than the ones the previous owners had installed, and which I'd had a difficult time disassembling. It's okay to shoot something full of nails using your manly nail gun if the idea is that it will never have to be taken apart, but when you're putting a soffit over carpet as ugly as the carpet I'd just removed, making the soffit quasi-permanent is a carpentrical crime. I installed the new versions of these soffits using screws, whose heads I hid beneath daubs of caulk. Back when we had the upstairs floors installed, I'd had to remove soffits I'd installed this way (with screws hidden beneath daubs of caulk) and they were easily disassembled once I figured out where the screws were (obviously I hadn't kept that information in my head for nine years).

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