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   May 2013

01: shitty May Day - I have a series of miserable experiences ending with delicious faux pupusas.
02: dark, dark caffeine cold turkey - Deliberate caffeine withdrawal exacerbates the negative mental state from yesterday.
03: caffeine withdrawal with alcohol - At a Will Lyttle book release in Woodstock.
04: double-named restaurants - But instead, after the KMOCA opening, we eat the Indian Restaurant buffet.
05: caffeine withdrawal with pseudoephedrine - For once I take pseudoephedrine and don't need to bring myself down with alcohol.
06: Gretchen works on her farmers tan - And I continue my caffeine abstinence.
07: focus cocktail - Caffeine withdrawal plus 20 milligrams Celexa plus green and white tea.
08: the dosage of Lobelia - Trying out yet another stimulant.
09: anniversary X - We spend it at Skytop with the dogs.
10: the dosage of Lobelia - Trying out yet another stimulant.
11: Woodstock release party - Gretch fills the Kleinert yet again.
12: on my old caffeine diet - Admitting my caffeine fast is over.
13: cold day in May - Burning a fire old day because of the unusual chill.
14: relentlessly snotlike - The state of non-vegan party food.
15: stiff fingers and distraction - And yet I manage to get some stuff done.
16: lawn mowing, 2013 - And doing it barefoot.
17: caffeine withdrawal attempt II - All was not lost from the earlier attempt that ended a week or so ago.
18: shopping in caffeine withdrawal - But it doesn't make me feel incapable and clumsy around average shoppers.
19: blumpkins and other memes - Deborah's thank-you meal at her newish house.
20: old hacksaw blade headphone repair - Also, feeling mild euphoria in the springtime forest perhaps because of a new no-caffeine psychochemical equilibrium.
21: fixed thirteen years later - A new dentist discovers an error made by a dentist back in West Los Angeles.
22: trolling Tom Coburn - His reaction to the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, called for ridicule.
23: every hour to myself - Greedy for alone time when Gretchen is away.
24: any sort of mainstream success - No baseball caps in the crowd means the band is still alternative.
25: Mark in the greenhouse - He sets it up the way he wants it.
26: hangover demands interest - After watching a dramatization about Liberace, I have an unpleasant drive home.
27: distilled cognitive impairment - A two day hangover? Also, a motionless fawn in the forest.
28: hangover demands interest - After watching a dramatization about Liberace, I have an unpleasant drive home.
29: Oaxaca Wednesday - Liberated from anxiety attacks, I actually cook dinner for a change.
30: paper wasps reuse their nests - Today I see it for myself.
31: electric lawn mower - I can't spend two hours weed whacking the lawn like I used to.