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   shopping in caffeine withdrawal
Saturday, May 18 2013
It was day two of my second go at caffeine abstinence, and, though rough at times, I did okay. Technically I didn't go completely caffeine free; this morning Gretchen and I had our weekly coffee ritual a day early, but we drank decaf. The weather was so nice that we put out blankets in the yard and did our coffee drinking, magazine reading, dog cuddling, and crossword puzzle solving there. Perhaps due to reduced mental capacity, I found myself reading and re-reading a passage in a New Yorker article about a fungal replacement for packing styrofoam. It seemed to read, "The other co-inventor, Eben Bayer, won't be twenty-eight until June. Bayer is almost sixty-five, and often assumes the benign expression of a large and friendly older brother." Unable to parse it, I handed it to Gretchen, and she immediately saw that the text I was reading as "sixty-five" actually read "six-five."
At some point I drove to Home Depot mostly to get the hardware and treated lumber necessary to build the kayak-hanging apparatus beneath the east deck. I hadn't been there in weeks, and I'd never been there while undergoing caffeine withdrawal. There's a drudgery to doing things in that state, but something about a retail environment forces productivity out of shoppers in a way that a computer at home cannot out of a web developers. At least I didn't have the complete opposite experience from the one I have while under the effects of pseudoephedrine, which makes me feel much more capable and nimble than everyone around me.
While I was in the 9W area, I stopped in a booze store and got some more gin for my laboratory booze cabinet. I haven't been hitting it nearly as hard as I had been, so I could budget a bottle for the downstairs liquor cabinet as well. When I saw a $19 litre of 160 proof vodka, I knew I had to get that. It's called Devil's Spring, and I have no idea what to expect when I finally taste it.

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