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   June 2013

01: perfect social cocktail - I managed to achieve the perfect balance of caffeine and alcohol.
02: artificial gorges of the West Hurley Park quarry - Complete with room-sized voids at the base of cliffs.
03: all tiresome characters - The Red Wedding in Game of Thrones doesn't really upset me.
04: mustard green weeds - Also, describing my tempeh-making process.
05: caffeine, alcohol, and ambien - I celebrate perhaps a bit too hard after getting some work done.
06: edge of my respiratory capabilities - Gathering bluestone a bit too quickly.
07: like when food courts replaced downtowns - Yet again I run afoul of Facebook's extrajudicial censors.
08: snake versus phoebe - And nobody wins.
09: a calzone and a tired franchise - Gretchen and I see The Hangover Part III while on a date in Kingston, NY.
10: GPC TV-B-Gone - Building a TV-B-Gone from scratch.
11: vernal mushrooms - Also, a fundraiser on the back deck of Boitson's.
12: series of homemade presents - What happens when you run a gallery and you have a small group of friends over for your birthday.
13: subsurface rocks like icecubes - Why I wear rubber boots to keep my feet warm on a rainy June day.
14: telling a deer what not to do - A deer contemplates eating the garden until I suggest he do something else.
15: I love microcontrollers - From simple to complicated.
16: probe prototype - I have a Raspberry Pi snapping pictures every ten minutes at the end of an extension cord.
17: Rickrolled at the dentist - Preparations for a second crown on my punk rock tooth.
18: unpredictability that makes me leery - Though their potential is great, their complexity makes a Raspberry Pi perhaps less than ideal for crucial command and control.
19: the banality of scrap steel - The options for the home welder are enormous.
20: Crammed into the W. Kamau Bell Show - We're in the audience for the final show of his first season.
21: makeshift noise makers - Radios no longer start making sound when you give them power.
22: anti-deer supplies - Netting, tomato cages, and motion detecting noisemakers.
23: Nigel's disappearance noted - On this hot coffee Sunday, I realize I haven't seen Nigel the Cat in awhile.
24: buckets of hail - Powerful storms followed by a partially-ironic date night.
25: fridge failure during a long voice message - I was in no mood to hear our Portland friend leave her long-winded message.
26: reviving a cheap webcam - Also, failing to join a cleaning jihad.
27: Arduino serial watchdog - A good use for an AtTiny85.
28: sizing up tabbies - Looking for a replacement for Nigel the cat. And getting a permanent replacement for the bad crown on my punk rock tooth.
29: ears like shark fins - Also, a new cat named Kira and finally getting the suspension on our Honda Civic Hybrid in order.
30: doggy window in the downpours - Told not to bring our dogs to Ray's birthday party if it was raining, we waited for the only rainless instant in the afternoon to drive over.