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   caffeine, alcohol, and ambien
Wednesday, June 5 2013
I decided to fall off the wagon regarding caffeine in an effort to crank through some work. So today I drank of green & white tea, which (for some reason) seems to pack a powerful caffeine punch. Before long I had that wonderful feeling of euphoria that caffeine only gives you when you do not drink it regularly.
I spent much of the day revisiting an application I built back in January. It's actually a port from Filemaker to PHP/MySQL/Javascript of a program that associates keywords to photographs, and it has tested the limits of what is possible using AJAX techniques. It was, for example, the first web-based application I've written that required overrides of default keyboard behaviors. Today's work involved tweaks to its interface and bug fixes and lots of little things that added up to a fair amount of work. And after that I finished something I've been writing about the moral limits of memes.
With all that out of the way, I felt like I deserved a leftover Mountain Brew Beer Ice as Gretchen and I watched Sunday's episode of Mad Men. It used to be difficult to watch the show without drinking, but I've managed to significantly weaken my psychological cravings for alcohol. Part of the reason I wanted that beer was to ease my coming down from that caffeine buzz.
Once I drink one unit of alcohol, it's tempting to drink another. All of my personal rules about drinking encourage that behavior, since they tend to divide my days into drinking days and non-drinking days and they don't put much emphasis on tracking the amount that is drunk. So there I was at my computer doing that thing I love to do: drinking gin (in this case mixed with seltzer) and trolling the right wingers on Facebook. It's even more fun to add ambien to the mix, so at some point (obviously near the end) I took one of those and kept farting around until the inanimate objects around me seemed to be staring over my shoulder. At some point I stumbled down to the greenhouse and quickly fell asleep on the futon in its upstairs.

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