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   July 2013

01: new cat piss issues - Marie the Cat has started pissing in the laboratory.
02: peculiar puppy in the forest - It wasn't a coyote and it wasn't a domesticated dog either.
03: foodie at our dinner party - Imagine inviting a serious gourmond to your dinner party.
04: ironically watching Sex and the City 2 - A friend comes up from the city on this hot & sticky day and the media computer dies while playing a very bad movie.
05: talking down my mother - During the course of a phone conversation, I get my mother to agree to allow me to visit her.
06: trolling is a time-consuming job - Especially when one administrates as many goofy Facebook pages as I do.
07: sleeping on pseudoephedrine - And getting an AtTiny to act like a TV-B-Gone.
08: torrential rains and winds from all directions - Rain barrels refill and I accidentally talk smack about Sara Poiron in a place where she can read it.
09: analog video into a digital world - Ripping old videotapes from both my life and Gretchen's.
10: since the golden age of malware - Healing a badly-crapwarified computer in 2013.
11: Sara-Jessika reunion 2013 - Old friends get together for the first time in more than 15 years.
12: Mystery Woods - Jessika takes Sara and me to her favorite part of the natural world near Charlottesville.
13: tussin at the Jimmy - A old drug for old time's sake on the banks of the swollen James River.
14: small footprint film crew - Sara and I get interviewed for a Big Fun documentary.
15: sandwiches for my crazy mother - Driving with Sara back from Charlottesville.
16: settling for Fording Place - Prevented from using the Secret Spot after a real estate transaction, we find Fording Place is actually not too bad.
17: bathwater disappointment - Trying out the Duke of Luxembourg's swimming pool.
18: Allou misses out - For some reason Deborah's dog decided he doesn't want to go swimming.
19: highlight of my week - Sformato after a Bed, Bath and Beyond shopping spree.
20: south-facing adventures - Falafel, seedlings, and a smuggled Canadian IPA.
21: simple password - I simulate a mouse in the Harmony Remote's the numeric keypad while leaving the buttons necessary for my very insecure password.
22: leaping maggots - And a difficult-to-watch movie from the early 1990s.
23: snail shell in the bluestone forest - Perhaps because of a limestone erratic.
24: tea and bean resupply - You know you need more beans when you find yourself dipping into your prepper stash.
25: depressingly cool - An unusual July coldsnap with delicious wild mushrooms, swing lamp soldering, and the first katydids of 2013.
26: double-articulated lamp completed - Also, the weirdly autumnal weather moderates a bit.
27: Ramona jumps out a window - Just to be friendly with another dog. Also, a library festival and a visit to a local architectural sculpture garden.
28: rain on a wedding day - A surprisingly traditional wedding in Westchester County.
29: the stove's signal to us - The problem with the chimney was actually creosote build-up and not a nest of hornets.
30: half the film of your life - I can't be the optimist I was when I was 14.
31: farmers' market falafel - We meet our friends Susan the German Translator and Deborah in Woodstock.