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Saturday, July 6 2013
After a breakfast involving waffles and large amounts of coffee (that's a Robert thing, as is "smoking" from an electronic atomizer), Gretchen and Robert headed to Willow to participate in the annual WFAS jamboree. Later they would go to Joshua's and a play at Maverick, but that still wouldn't be enough for Robert, who is still living post-parole life to the maximum. Some nights he just walks the streets of Harlem (where he lives).
Back at the house, I found myself mostly trapped in a Facebook trolling matrix. I have numerous Facebook pages designed to poke fun at various idiocies, and they all need care and feeding (at least until they build up audiences). These include Jesus Christ Will Return Within the Year, Stop Obama's Third Term, Bilderberg Group, We Hate Obama But Aren't Racists, Traditional Marriages Aren't Traditional Enough, Pray, Don't Vote, Bible-Based Global Warming Facts, Failed Prophesy, No Oil for our Grandkids, Muslims for Government-mandated Prayer, and many others. To build audiences, I have to make visually-catchy text-laden graphics promoting these pages, which I then post either on Facebook pages run by right-wing nutjobs or those run by trolls imitating right-wing nutjobs.

When I wasn't pissing away my time doing that, I could be found weeding the garden or researching various Arduino and AtTiny issues. I've held back on "upgrading" my Arduino environment from Alpha to 1.0X because of incompatibility with the thousands of lines of existing solar controller code. But the AtTiny stuff can only be done in Arduino 1.0X, so it would be nice to eventually just use the most recent version. Eventually I was able to port my solar controller code to the new environment, but then I had trouble configuring it to use the "Pony" programmer that I use for writing bootloaders. I tried all sorts of things, but the end the solution was, unexpectedly, just upgrading from Arduino 1.03 to 1.05. Problems remained, however. I'm finding that I cannot upload the solar controller firmware with Arduino 1.0X; it seems to have an upper "sketch" size limit that is lower than that of Arduino Alpha. Perhaps the solution is to further crunch down the code, which (like decreasing one's production of greenhouse gasses) is always a good idea even on the very small chance that taking no action wouldn't solve the problem at hand.

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