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   torrential rains and winds from all directions
Monday, July 8 2013
For better or for worse, I've decided to bring Sara Poiron with me when I drive down to Charlottesville in a few days. It will be the first time Jessika has seen Sara in something like eight or nine years and the first time I've seen Sara since 1997. As part of the logistics for the upcoming trip, today Jessika had both me and Sara together on one of those Facebook instant messenger chats. (Up until today I hadn't known more than two people could participate.) Initially (because she tends to sleep late) Sara wasn't on, and, forgetting that she was a party to the conversation, I inadvertently said a few things I shouldn't have. One of these was a joke about perhaps tying Sara up in Jessika's basement if she starts driving us crazy (something she frequently does on Facebook and did in real life back in the days of Big Fun). The other was that maybe Sara shouldn't be allowed to see the fat copper pipes in Jessika's basement (a cruel allusion to the days when she would do just about anything for the extract of a field of poppys). Jessika didn't respond in either case, which was wise. But later, inevitably, Sara read through the thread and interrogated me about both of those lines, although (somewhat surprisingly) she didn't dwell on them. These days she seems to spend a lot of her mental energy thinking about Facebook trolling pages, particularly "Christians for Michele Bachmann." (I'd provide a link, but it's constantly being shut down by Facebook administrators.)

Torrential rains came through in the afternoon, with winds blowing from every direction at various points as the storms came through. This meant every window and door needed to be shut or else things near those apertures got soaked. Things that got soaked included the curtains in the Gunther guest room (drenched through east-facing windows) and a number of things atop a bookshelf in Gretchen's libary (near a south-facing window). The rain easily refilled all the rain barrels, including the one collecting water from the small roof of the woodshed. Between my yard showers, Sarah the Korean's stanky container project, and incidental water needs, that barrel had been hit pretty hard, so having it full again was a good thing. We're pretty far into the gardening season and I've yet to hook up a hose to the household water supply.

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