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   sleeping on pseudoephedrine
Sunday, July 7 2013
This morning I showed Robert the greenhouse upstairs, which he hadn't seen since about this time last year, before the south-facing windows, the entrance stairs, or any of the drywall interior had been installed. Now of course it's all finished, right down to the baseboard trim.
In the early afternoon, after a quick lunch of Asian noodles, Gretchen took Robert to the bus station for his return to the City. She went on to walk dogs at the animal shelter while I stayed home and took a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine. But I made the mistake of taking it on a full stomach, and it didn't have its usual effect. Indeed, I felt sleepy about an hour later and decided to take a nap. But it turns out sleeping on pseudoephedrine is its own thing. I can't say I had vivid dreams (or dreams at all), but when I awoke an hour or so later, I felt as if I'd been on a long pleasant journey.
Later in the evening, I managed to successfully progam an AtTiny microcontroller to be a TV-B-Gone. It hadn't been hard to find a .hex file for it, or to flash it using AVR Dude with a:

avrdude -pt85 -cusbtiny -U flash:w:tvbgone.hex

But then it hadn't worked. Evidently it expected an 8MHz ceramic resonator, something I didn't want to use because I was trying to minimize my use of parts. The solution (found using the AVR Fuse calculator) was to running this line:

avrdude -pt85 -cusbtiny -U lfuse:w:0xe2:m -U hfuse:w:0xdf:m -U efuse:w:0xff:m

This told the AtTiny to use its internal oscillator at 8MHz. Once I had that working, the makeshift TV-B-Gone successfully turned off the small Sony television I keep near my computer.

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