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Wednesday, July 24 2013
I should mention two things that I'd brought up earlier but left in an unresolved state. The first of these was a mysterious brownish puppy I came across deep in the forest earlier this month. Gretchen happened to walk through that same patch of forest only a few days later and came upon a dead canine exactly like the living one I'd described it. It was intact aside for a huge hole torn into the side of its abdomen. Gretchen thought it looked like a fox (for example, she thought its ears were pointier than I'd described), but from her description of the corpse, it didn't have the white and black details nor the fiery reddish hue of Red Fox. She agreed it looked immature, though she said it was the size of an adult fox. This, of course, would be evidence that it was not a fox. Gretchen doesn't have the trained eye of someone with taxonomic training and I really would have liked to go and see the corpse, but the by the time she remembered to tell me, she'd been through the area again and it had vanished. I still think it was some sort of feral wild dog, perhaps part Coyote. And the individual I saw may not be the same one that Gretchen found dead; dogs come in litters.
The other thing for which an update would be useful concerns the magnetic bracelet I found in Jessika & Aaron's Mystery Woods, a bracelet I'd thought I'd left at Mono Loco. I'd told Jessika to go to Mono Loco some time when they are actually open to see if they'd found it, but before she got around to doing that, Aaron had found the bracelet in the cooler of beer we'd taken to his office on the Downtown Mall. Evidently it had fallen off while I was fetching myself a beer. Jessika had asked if I wanted her to mail it to me, but I'd said she should just hold on to it, that it would probably end up stuck to the side of a mail truck and never actually reach me. So she's been wearing the bracelet and somehow it's been happy with her and not tried to leap onto other magnetic objects. Though she knows I'm a skeptic about such things, Jessika also thinks the bracelet has been giving her more energy and even been helping with the chronic neck pain she's had since the accident on Carter's Mountain back in 1996.

This afternoon I drove into town mostly to resupply my depleted stockpiles of Red Rose tea. While in the grocery store, I also bought a great diversity of beans, because I'd had to dip into my small laboratory-based "prepper cache" the other day when I'd needed red beans. (I'm not actually a prepper, but it's easy enough to always have two weeks' worth of canned beans on hand.) It was about 4:00pm when I'd arrived at ShopRite, and though it was not very hot, the sun was bright and I'd been unable to find shade for the dogs, so I'd had to park in the Home Depot's sheltered contractor loading area and walk back and forth to ShopRite from there, a distance of about 800 feet. The only thing I bought from Home Depot was a pair of inexpensive grout mixing tubs that I plan to fashion into the ultimate cat litter box (that is, yet another invention).

Back at the house, Sarah the Vegan arrived so she could carpool with Gretchen down to New Paltz for another übergourmond multicourse meal at Lagusta's place. The theme tonight would be "France." Sarah was wearing what I can only describe as a "fuck me dress." Perhaps tonight she would meet a nice vegan man. Or woman. She's fussy, but not about gender. I don't think she's been in any sort of relationship the whole time I've known her. [REDACTED]

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