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   firewood depleted beyond the Farm Road
Tuesday, December 3 2013
I let the little waterfall pump run all night in the greenhouse, but this morning there was still 16 inches of water flooding the basement. That must have been the equilibrium level with the additional removal of 60 gallons per hour. Without that rate of removal (I turned the pump off), the water returned to an equilibrium level of about 20 inches.
The weather was somewhat warmer today, with a clammy fog blowing in and seeming to apply a patina of moisture over every surface. Temperatures never rose out of the 40s, though there was some sun for awhile. In an effort to avoid breaking into the traunch of wood stacked to the rafters in the back of the woodshed, I made a half-hearted effort to salvage some old dead oak from the woods west of the Farm Road. But I've salvaged all the nearest stuff from that parcel and I didn't have it in me to drag wood from greater distances.

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