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Sunday, December 29 2013

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York, United States of America

Temperatures today were warmish (in the 40s) and there was a fair amount of rain. I took advantage of the conditions to fill both rain barrels with water and then immediately drain them. The hope was that this would correct any weird bulging in the barrels' bottoms caused by ice expansion resulting from my failure to drain them before seriously cold conditions arrived in late Novemeber.

This morning while Gretchen and I were enjoying our weekly french press of coffee, I researched something I'd once read something vague about: the ability to maintain multiple different profiles using Google Chrome. By this, I don't mean switching between profiles when switching between computer logins, I mean switching between profiles instantaneously, simply by pick a profile from a dropdown menu. Being able to do this would greatly simplify certain web development testing procedures, where it's useful to be able to simulate situations using multiple separate web sessions. In the past, the only way to do this was to use separate browsers, that is, logging in with one account on Firefox, another account with Chrome, and perhaps a third account with Opera, Internet Explorer, or Safari.
It turns out that there is now a way to maintain separate profiles in Google Chrome and to switch between them from a dropdown menu. From the settings menu, you go to Users and add another user. From then on, you have an icon in the top left of the screen that provides the menu to instantly switch profiles. Evidently this has been possible since at least late 2011, but I only figured out how to do it today.
Though I mentioned using this capability for testing web applications, I'll probably mostly end up using it for trolling Facebook. Being able to switch profiles means being able to instantly drop into Facebook with different logins and to maintain multiple logged-in trolls simultaneously in different windows.

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