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Saturday, December 7 2013
There was enough sun today for Gretchen (and Ramona and Eleanor) to make use of the greenhouse, though the moment the sun got behind the trees, the temperature fell fast and they had to return to the house.
This evening I had the house to myself for much of the day while Gretchen was out performing the social shitwork of being part of the local writers' community. She and her friend Tara attended a God-awful book signing for a local self-published author of a "fairy tale for adults." Normally Gretchen buys a book when she attends a book signing, but not when it's being sold for $31 and a special deal has been arranged with the local independent bookstore (the place where Gretchen works) giving them only $5 for every copy they sell. All that pure profit for an astoundingly unreadable book evidently designed by the author as a tax levied on her social network. To make the matters worse, the number of hours Gretchen spent with Tara (talking, carpooling, book-signing-attending, dining at the Garden Café garden, watching Tara eat dessert at the rate of a glacial advance) was a bit more than Gretchen could stand. Everything Tara does is very slow and when she's around one is tempted to hit the skip-forward button on any available remote.
Meanwhile back at the house, I spent the evening watching Shark Tank and recent episodes of the preposterously-contrived "reality" show Moonshiners (which I mainly watch for scenes involving copper sheet metal and Cutie Pie the dog).

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