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   February 2014

01: actually selling art in the Hudson Valley - My inexpensive paintings sell out at the KMOCA benefit.
02: blizzard of requests - Blacklisted from the server I am testing on.
03: twisted together in a chaos - What makes the bluestone in the basement so hard.
04: descendants of dogs bred to fight other dogs - Breaking up a dog fight, I get bitten twice.
05: 90 minutes of snow shoveling - Since it was nine inches of snow, that comes to about ten minutes per inch.
06: possible pit falls of Pit Bulls - And crazy right wing step-parents.
07: fruit flies and cat piss - Two unfortunate biological entities in the laboratory.
08: house warming on California Quarry - I meet Gretchen after work for an evening overlooking Woodstock.
09: daughter cards and log skidding - And a new podcast to listen to.
10: it's getting hot down there - Gretchen takes off all her clothes in the greenhouse.
11: Little' Anthony's - A drive up to Albany to get sweaters, groceries, and vegan Italian junk food.
12: previous page's integer plus one - New forms of Facebook fun.
13: Walter found - The search for the cat that fled our latest failed cat adoption finally finds him alive and well (if much skinnier) under the porch of a neighbor.
14: Indian Valentines - Sweet wine, aloo gobi, and inedibly-spicy noodles for dinner.
15: decaf snowfall - Also, the ordeal of trudging through 20 inch snow for a half mile.
16: when restaurants move to Rhinebeck (reprise) - I turn 46 and have a mediocre-to-poor meal at Gaby's in Rhinebeck.
17: saved from Facebook purgatory - Using notes, I finally succeed and passing the Facebook troll-eliminating quiz.
18: possible Paypal business model - Frustrate developers by disabling the sandbox.
19: goodbye, Marie - We finally euthanize our old, sickly cat 'the Baby.'
20: 24 pounds of ashes and a buried cat - A 'warm' sunny day and a surprisingly frost-free ground beneath the snow.
21: no ice dams yet - Despite lots of roof snow and several freeze-thaw cycles.
22: whatever it is in humans that the sun recharges - On the couch in the greenhouse and in front of the teevee with noodly bean soup watching a zany show about treehouses.
23: weather forecasting is improving - The known future is now more than just five days. How do I know? The third return of the Polar Vortex was correctly predicted.
24: Judas Gutenberg's rule - Anything non-trivial is going to be a bitch to implement no matter how you're doing it.
25: narrow hard-walled holes in the snow - Old deer tracks make for potentially leg-injuring traps for thin-legged creatures.
26: eggplant and a green pepper - Groceries for a week spent on my own.
27: months between February and March - It maybe seems like there should be more than zero.
28: enormous pink tongue - Seeing Ramona enjoying the greenhouse.