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Monday, March 3 2014
For dinner tonight I made myself two different pre-made packages of Indian curry from Hannaford. The first of these was Pindi Chana from an Indian food exporter called Kitchens of India. It's hard to say how good it was all by itself because I mixed in stir-fried green peppers, mushrooms, eggplant, and the dry hot peppers from summer, but that combination was delicious. Later I made a second pre-packaged Indian curry called Chatpate Choley (under the Truly Indian brand, featuring garish pink packaging) with a similar mix of vegetables, though by this point the rice cooker had made me a bunch of basmati rice, and it was a similarly-delightful culinary experience. Not all pre-packaged Indian food is all that good, but (at least when combined with stir-fried vegetables), this stuff is good enough to serve me as a frequent bachelorhood staple.
Meanwhile the cold weathwer continues, and I'm forced (yet again) to piss in plastic bottles because my urinal system is frozen up. It had been working for maybe a week or week and a half during that brief "warm" spell, but that was before the third return of the Polar Vortex.

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