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   April 2014

01: promising indications of Spring - Phoebes, north-flying geese, and adventuresome cats lead me to turn off the boiler and start up the brownhouse plumbing system.
02: dogs managed to guilt-trip - A nearby firewood excursion is deemed insufficient by the dogs.
03: not quite on the cutting edge - I don't necessarily like new or fashionable stuff unless the utility is revolutionary and obvious.
04: unpromising teevee night - Trying to watch Ice Cold Gold.
05: creamy nougat center - James Howard Kunstler in Woodstock.
06: brand in decline - The ordeal of trying to repair a late-model Honda.
07: remembering life as a tiny ball of ice - Rain that feels like sleet from a cold April sky.
08: out of a dusty old file - Cleaning the laboratory to deal with a bureaucratic echo from 2005.
09: most non-code-compliant - A few things to improve the respectibility of things on the laboratory deck.
10: people with that kind of spirit - Hanging out with a veterinarian who likes to drink.
11: 90 pound hip-affecting wood load - This time the weight of salvaged wood affects my hips, not my knees.
12: Pine Box Rock Shop popup shop - Drinking at 2pm in a crowded vegan bar in Brooklyn.
13: the car has air - A surprisingly-easy fix on the notoriously-difficult Honda Civic Hybrid. But it also grabs me by the finger.
14: missing out on not great seder - Gretchen attends a problematic seder in the City while I gather firewood and suffer from the noise of constant gunfire.
15: bad foot valve - Diagnosing and fixing a problem with my antifreeze recharge system.
16: Polar Vortex IV - A little snow in early late April. But the sun is going strong.
17: 120 pounds over a kilometer - My largest backpack load ever.
18: experience with clients from hell - Dealing with a distant and unpleasant web client.
19: I'm getting stronger - A 90 pound load of firewood doesn't seem like a big deal anymore.
20: little black mosquito - Easter Sunday at the Hannaford in Uptown, Kingston.
21: limits of my ability to successfully hoist - How to fall with a heavy backpack.
22: life is full of unexpected toll plazas - A structural engineer. And the end of Passover.
23: chunks of yellow foam - Ramona decided to dig into the backseat of the long-suffering Honda Civic Hybrid.
24: postponed humanure chore - Also, African Americans for Cliven Bundy.
25: strange sourness - Also, Fargo the television show.
26: Beer World - A new discovery in Kingston. Also, Chipotle, Sarah the Vegan's new place on the Hudson, and a hobbit house in West Hurley.
27: Sculpin from a bottle - It's nowhere near as good as from a tap.
28: avoiding Sylvia the cat - Napping in the greenhouse upstairs.
29: the last wood of the heating season - I salvage what I expect to be the last wood needed for what remains of this heating season.
30: better than the one I'd drunk at room temperature - Ballast Point Sculpin is better drunk cold.