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   I'm getting stronger
Saturday, April 19 2014
It was a beautiful sunny day with highs in the 60s. At some point I went and gathered a load of downed Chestnut Oak (or perhaps American Chestnut, a local "fossil fuel" if you will) near 41.928324N, 74.105208W a little over a quarter mile from home. I worked quickly, because (as always on nice days of late), there was some asshole monotonously discharging his gun down at the bus turnaround, which is not far from where I was gathering the wood (it's down a substantial escarpment, and I was only endangered if the shooters started discharging their weapons into the air, though anything is possible when it comes to unknown gun nuts).
My pack didn't feel especially heavy on the walk home, so you can imagine my delight when I weighed it and found I'd been carrying 90 pounds of wood. In the past, 90 pounds had seemed like a difficult load, but it seems I'm getting stronger.

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