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Wednesday, April 2 2014
Gretchen had been having a lot of things scheduled for her in the mornings lately, which has meant that it has mostly been my job to walk the dogs. This is fine for me, since I've been trying to go out at least once each day to salvage a backpack of firewood in the nearby forest. Today, Gretchen walked the dogs in the morning, and when I went out later this morning with my salvaging gear, the dogs came along for a second walk. But I fixated early in the walk on an old dry oak leaned against another tree not far west of the Farm Road. The dead tree's roots had all rotted away and I could just lift it out of the ground. Cut into pieces, it made for a heavy backpack load, but I didn't immediately take it home. Standing around with impatient looks on their faces, the dogs managed to guilt-trip a better walk out of me. So I left the pack and saw where I'd cut the wood and walked with the dogs to the abandoned go-cart track (41.926658N, 74.111315W) and back.
The day ended up being even warmer than yesterday, with a high in the mid 60s. It was warm enough to leave the laboratory window open for several hours this afternoon. The great thing about warm weather this time of year is that there are no flying insects associated with it. But they're coming. And I've already had to extract a Woodtick from the side of my belly.

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