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   missing out on not great seder
Monday, April 14 2014
Gretchen drove down to the City by herself today to attend what she thought would be a real seder. But the meal ended up being poisoned by the presence of several unpleasant adults (they ranged from vapid to douchey) as well as a couple unpleasant children (at least one of whom had some sort of organic emotional problem). The children were so poorly behaved that the dinner wasn't much more of a seder than the "seder" we'd had the other night at an Italian restaurant (though the food might have been better and more kosher for Passover). At some point during the meal, Gretchen snuck off and tried to call me, but I'd gone to bed early and somehow slept right through it.
Before that, during day, I took advantage of the continued nice weather to gather three separate backpack loads of firewood. I've been trying to gather a backpack's worth each day, and so I'd needed an extra one to make up for the lack of a load gathered on Saturday. And once I'd gathered two, I figured, why not gather three?
The only thing wrong with the nice weather is that it continues to attract idiot gun nuts to the nearby bus turnaround (about a half mile down Dug Hill Road). Today there must have been two idiots down there blazing away. From the rapidity of the fire coming from one of the weapons, it sounded like it might be fully automatic. There was also a large gun down there that would make window-rattling booms. Despite America's reputation as being a nation of gun fanatics, a lot of people in this country hate guns. But you rarely hear people mentioning how much guns disturb the peace even when they aren't being fired at other human beings. As much disturbance as guns cause to the commons (the auditory environment), the sensible thing for a government to do would be to tax them to mitigate (and discourage) the damage.

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