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Tuesday, April 8 2014
The weather started out warm and beautiful, but then the winds kicked up, blew the clouds out of the sky, and temperatures dropped to something a little more typical for this recalcitrant Springtime.
Back on Saturday, we received a notice from the Town of Hurley regarding an incomplete building permit dating to 2005, one regarding the solar deck (and various other things the old building inspector had noticed when he game to visit that time). Evidently that permit was still in an incomplete state eight and half years later and someone at the Town of Hurley had dredged it out of a dusty old file. Who knew that could happen? Evidently there is no statute of limitations on this sort of thing. Gretchen (who handles all tasks where political skills are necessary) arranged the building inspector to come for a visit on Thursday, so it seemed prudent to maybe clean up the laboratory so it wouldn't set off any red flags with its high levels of sheer chaos. So I've been cleaning it up, mostly dealing with the low-hanging fruit of clutter and dirt. This is how it looked at some point today:

The cat is Julius (aka "Stripey"). Click to enlarge.
Moral learned: never, ever, reveal anything to a building inspector if at all possible.

Meanwhile Gretchen has started a new job at the Ulster County Jail, where she will be designing some sort of low-level literacy program. She's been given an office and will be getting a computer. It's a lot more like a real job than either of us expected; indeed, the pay isn't that much less than what she'd earned as site coordinator at Eastern Correctional Facility for Bard Prison Initiative, though she'll be working many fewer hours. Also, it seems the administration at the jail is very supportive of educational programs and Gretchen doesn't think she will be fighting all the time and using all of her energy just to open up the space necessary for learning to actually happen.

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