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Friday, April 11 2014
I don't know if this is a record or not, but the last patch of winter snow (which had been just north of the front door) finally melted away completely sometime last night.
I was fairly hungover today after drinking three or four of those 9.1% "Resin" Imperial IPAs last night. My last beverage of the evening had been a Mike's Hard Lemonade (Gretchen had given me a skeptical look when I cracked it open, but it was what I'd been craving). I'd only managed to drink about three tablespoons of it, though, and I enjoyed the rest of it later today after salvaging a 90 pound load of firewood from not too far down the Stick Trail. (That load affected my hip joints, making them sore for a couple days afterwards.)
After a meeting with my keywording guy, our friends Susan the Artist and David the Illustrator came by and dropped off Darla for a few hours. Darla is their "spawn of Satan," famous for instigating fights, chewing up treasured artifacts, and shitting and pissing wherever she happens to be at the time. So I expected the worst. But she was on her best behavior and didn't do anything wrong. She came with me on that firewood salvaging walk, and ran around like crazy once she realized she was free in the forest. (She doesn't get near enough exercise in the City, though all that will change when she and her human parents move to their new place just outside of Woodstock.)
Throughout the afternoon, clouds started piling in and humidity increased. Eventually it began to rain. Early in the rain, before it turned into something of a soaker, I went out to the woodshed and reorganized the wood so that I can just stack it permanently as I gather it (I'd been stacking the new wood in a provisional way for the past month or so). In so doing, I filled in the small part of the annex that I'd had to use back in early March and then began a substantial pile in the southeast corner of the main part of the woodshed. By this point, I must have gathered wood sufficient for heating during an entire month of the coldest part of the year, but in terms of wood volume it's about a third of a tranche (that is, it's not even a ninth of the whole woodshed).
Later this evening Susan and David came over, as did Deborah (and her dog Allou), and Gretchen made a meal based on a new vegan mac & cheese recipe that wasn't actually all that good (there was too much sauce and the flavor was a little off). Though temperatures outside remained in the 60s, Gretchen had me make a fire.
Later on, after our guests left, my butt was feeling uncomfortable. I went to the brownhouse several times, eventually crapping out a foul substance that burned from both pepper heat and unneutralized stomach acid.
Darla only misbehaved once the whole evening, when she somehow provoked Allou into flying into a momentary rage. We quickly separated them and there didn't end up being a need to superglue anyone back together.

Meanwhile on Facebook, my troll Suzy had her first birthday (her account dates back to December, but I'd entered her birthday as April 11th because that's an easy thing to enter when quickly setting up a fake Facebook identity). I was amazed and delighted by the outpouring of love that appeared today on her wall, both from the right wingers I went to high school with (who consider Suzy a true patriot) and the many trolls who know her as a fellow traveler. One fellow troll even made a custom photo-meme (a picture with text on it) to commemorate the occasion. That might seem like a small thing, but it's generally recognized as a step over-and-above in troll culture.

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